(Episode 27)- “4for4.com”, “Sports Illustrated” and “The DFS Playbook” Author- Fantasy Prognosticator and one of the brightest minds in football-the immensely talented Chris Raybon.

August 16, 2017

Interview with Fantasy and DFS expert Chris Raybon. Chris is the Senior DFS editor at 4for4.com, Author of the DFS Fantasy Playbook which can be found on Amazon.com and now writing for Sports Illustrated via 4for4.com. Chris is gifted in many ways and extremely talented at breaking down fantasy football, communicating this to fantasy players of all abilities, and dissecting hours of research and providing effective insight into DFS and Fantasy leagues alike.

Meet: Chris Raybon.


(Episode 26)-”Prisoners”, “Ozark” and “American Made” Interview: Actor: Kevin L. Johnson.

August 10, 2017

Welcome Kevin L. Johnson to the Monday Morning Critic! Kevin has an awesome filmography which includes “American Made”, “Ozark”, "Prisoners” and many more. Kevin’s passion for acting started at Clemson University where he is  also a huge football fan! Kevin’s iconic character Sam Darmody is wonderfully portrayed in Ozark. Kevin has had isolated scenes with Jake Gyllenhahal, Tom Cruise and Laura Linney and he’s done a remarkable job acting with Hollywood’s elite actors! Kevin’s future is extremely bright. The Monday Morning Critic is fortunate to have Kevin!


Meet: Kevin L. Johnson.


(Episode 25)-”Captain America”,”Thor”,”Get Out”,”Westworld”, “Pirates of the Caribbean” (and so many more!) Interview: Stuntman and Actor- Buddy Sosthand.

August 6, 2017

Interview with Award Winning and amazingly talented stuntman Buddy Sosthand.

Buddy has a lengthy and seemingly never ending filmography that includes  “Thor”, multiple “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies, “Straight Outta Compton”,   “Captain America: Civil War”,  “The Expendables”, “Sully”, “Get Out”, “Westworld” and so many more. This is a testament and reflection of how much Buddy is respected for his work ethic, ability and professionalism.

Buddy also co-hosts a podcast (The Great American Podcast) with friend and actor John Pirruccello in which they tackle a variety of issues and do so with humor, respect and well thought out perspectives. Buddy is talented and eclectic in so many ways. When Buddy is not working he dedicates and spends time with his wonderful family.


Meet: Buddy Sosthand.


(Episode 24)-Interview: “Ozark” (Ash) and “Office Christmas Party” (Alexei). Actor: Michael Tourek

August 5, 2017

Michael Tourek is an accomplished actor who has many notable films and television shows in his filmography. These include “Office Christmas Party”, “Banshee”, “Resurrection”, “Under the Dome” and the Netflix Smash hit “Ozark”. In which Michael plays “Ash”. Michael has a Masters Degree in Fine Arts, shares a love of theater, stage and musicals he has also produced and written. Michael Tourek is a fantastic, eclectic actor who has a very promising career ahead of him. He’s a proud father and husband. Michael is highly respected and regarded by his peers. He’s kind, talented, open and honest.



Meet: Michael Tourek.


(Episode 23)-Interview: “The Walking Dead (Terminus Butcher)” and “Ozark” (Bobby Dean)- Actor: Adam Boyer.

July 31, 2017

Interview with the wonderful and very underrated Adam Boyer. Adam has been in a plethora of movies and television shows. Adam has made appearances in The Walking Dead, Looper, Sully, HBO’s Vice Principals, The Netflix Smash Hits: Stranger Things and Ozark and so much more. Adam has a strong background in Soccer, is a diehard New England Patriots Fan (Boston Born)and volunteers his time to “Camp Sunshine", which is a camp that enriches the lives of familes and children with Cancer located in Georgia. Adam continues to prove my theory that “Bad Guys” on screen are the sweetest and kindest real life human beings.   Meet: Adam Boyer.


(Episode 22)-Interview: WEEI and #DORK Podcast Host-Rich Keefe.

July 28, 2017

Interview with the very talented Rich Keefe who is on with Michael Holley and Dale Arnold from 2-6pm, Monday-Friday on WEEI. He also hosts a fantastic podcast in #DORK. Rich is a tremendous talent and I was very fortunate to have him on the Monday Morning Critic!


Meet Rich Keefe.


(Episode 21)-Interview: ESPN and Boston Globe’s Bob Ryan.

July 28, 2017

Bob Ryan is a retired ledgendary columnist for the Globe’s Sports section whose work appears in the section semi-regularly. He has been writing for the Globe since 1968, covering all of Boston’s sports teams. Ryan is often seen on the ESPN show  "Around the Horn".


Meet: Bob Ryan.


(Episode 20)-”The Green Mile” Interview: Doug Hutchison (Percy Wetmore).

July 27, 2017

Interview with Actor, Producer, Writer and Author- Doug Hutchison. Doug is supremely talented and has a wonderfully extensive and diverse filmography that include many of the best shows and movies that have ever hit the small and big screen respectively. These range from “Lost” to “I Am Sam”, (The VERY underrated "Salton Sea"), "A Time to Kill" and the epic, iconic and arguably the best movie in Cinematic History-"The Green Mile.” Doug’s unique skills and range in his roles make him a tremendously gifted actor.


Meet: Doug Hutchison.


(Episode 19)-”The Walking Dead” Interview: Tim Parati (Dr. Emmett Carson).

July 18, 2017

Interview with artist, actor and teacher, Mr. Tim Parati.

Tim shares his experiences of working with legendary actors such as Jeffery Dean Morgan, Forest Whitaker, Denzel Washington (director) and Paul Giamatti. Tim talks about seeing The Muppets for the first time and which actress he was star struck by. Tim’s lengthy filmography includes the epic “Time to Kill”, “The Great Debaters” and “The Walking Dead"

Tim’s iconic appreciation for anything relevant to “Planet of the Apes” make him the rare combination of fan and immensely talented actor. 


Meet the very cool, very talented, very selfless-Tim Parati.


(Episode 18)-”The Walking Dead” Interview: Jayson Warner Smith (Gavin).

July 10, 2017

In depth interview with life long actor Jayson Warner Smith. Jayson has an extensive filmography and is an actor of both stage and screen. He plays Negan’s right hand man “Gavin” in The Walking Dead. He has appeared in Christine, 99 Holmes, 42, Birth of a Nation and the September 2017 release “American Made” starring Tom Cruise. Jayson teaches acting to those adults looking to improve upon their craft. Jayson has a commanding presence of both stage and screen and is universally respected by both fans and colleagues alike.



Meet: Jayson Warner Smith