(Episode 40)-”My Friend Dahmer”-Interview-Director: Marc Meyers.

November 2, 2017

Director and Writer Marc Meyers joins us on the Monday Morning Critic to talk about his new film "My Friend Dahmer" The movie is an adaptation of the critically praised, best selling graphic novel MY FRIEND DAHMER by Derf Backderf. Based on actual events... the film centers around Jeff Dahmer, a misunderstood, darkly depraved teenager, during his junior & senior years of high school. 

Set in a truly weird and sinister 1970s adolescent world, Jeff tries to make new friends as his divorcing parents, teachers, and friends ignore his descent into alcoholism and madness. Jeff will later become the most depraved serial killer since Jack The Ripper. 

This is the story before that story.


(Episode 39)-”Narcos”-Interview-Actor Michael Stahl-David

October 27, 2017

Wonderfully talented actor Michael Stahl-David talks about acting, theater, learning a second language at a young age,  his time in Colombia filming and his phenomenal performance in Narcos, Cloverfield, Director/Writer Matt Reeves, The Promise, his future projects coming out soon- "The Light of the Moon" and "LBJ" and so much more.  

Meet: Michael Stahl-David.

(Episode 38)-”Forrest Gump”Interview-Actor: Brett Rice.

October 27, 2017

Gifted Veteran Actor Brett Rice shares person experiences working with  JJ Abrams, Denzel Washington, Tom Hanks, Clint Eastwood, Rachel McAdams and so many more. Brett talks about his love and passions from his beautiful wife, golf, The South, typecasting and the idea of not becoming complacent and growing as a person and actor. 


Meet Brett Rice.  


(Episode 37)-”The Walking Dead”-Interview: “T-Dog”-IronE Singleton

October 19, 2017

IronE Singleton is best known to audiences as the menacing kingpin Alton in the Academy® Oscar Award-nominated film The Blind Side; the biggest box office grossing sports movie of all time. He is also known as the compassionate tough guy, T-Dog, in the Emmy, AFI & WGA Award winning, Golden Globe nominated TV show The Walking Dead. 

IronE is currently involved in producing a one man show titled "Blindsided by The Walking Dead"

Meet: IronE Singleton.


(Episode 36)-Breaking Down-”Silence of the Lambs”.

October 15, 2017

The Green Mile and iconic actor Doug Hutchison and I break down one of the best movies in Cinematic History-"Silence of the Lambs" in our bi-weekly segment titled "Breaking Down"-We examine all facets of the movie and give our perspective takes to why this is truly one of the best movies in history.

This is the first installment of Breaking Down.



(Episode 35)-Director- “The Astronaut Farmer”-Michael Polish.

October 13, 2017

Immensely talented Director Michael Polish is known for having an amazing and gifted cinematic eye. His casting choices are without question, some of the best in cinema. Michael has directed Billy Bob Thornton, James Woods, Nick Nolte, Jon Gries, his beautiful and talented wife Kate Bosworth, Daryl Hannah, Garrett Morris, Virginia Madison, Bruce Dern, Claire Florani and so many more He also has a keen eye for talent casting diamonds in the rough in the amazing Ben Foster and Max Theirot.

Michael's ability to find the perfect balance of cinematic score, casting, writing, and direction are some of the best I have ever seen in my lifetime and make Michael, in this Film Historians eye, one of the best directors on the planet. 
Michael talks about his influences in cinema the most powerful being Sergio Leone.
His movies include Northfork, Twin Falls Idaho, Big Sur and Astronaut Farmer to name a few.Michael and Kate's newest and potentially most powerful movie is NONA. 
Meet Michael Polish.

(Episode 34)-”The Walking Dead” Interview: Actor Jeremy Palko

October 7, 2017

Actor Jeremy Palko talks about his passion for the Seattle Seahawks, movies and television,  family, his journey as an actor, The Walking Dead, Bloodline, the grind and love for acting, becoming an actor and paying your dues. Jeremy is down to earth and a genuine good guy.

You can catch Jeremy on The Walking Dead as "Andy" from Hilltop October 22nd on Season 8 premiere on AMC.


Meet: Jeremy Palko.


(Episode 33)-”The Life of Pi” Interview: Actor Jun Naito.

October 7, 2017

Welcome Actor Jun Naito! 

Jun has a great filmography which includes "Daredevil", "Z: "The Beginning of Everything" and the epic, iconic, spiritual, beautiful and surreal, "Life of Pi". Jun talks about his life,  love for sports (especially basketball), his love for all things University of Kentucky and his experiences as an actor and working with multi Academy Award winning director-Ang Lee. 
Meet Jun Naito.

(Episode 32) “The Walking Dead” Season 8 Preview.

September 30, 2017

Please join me in taking a look at Season 8 of the Walking Dead!


Monday Morning Critic Podcast!


(Episode 31)-”Star Wars” World-Renown Collector Interview: Jeff Jacob.

September 23, 2017

Jeff Jacob is one of the worlds largest vintage Star Wars collectors. Highly regarded by many as “The” Collector. Jeff has developed a sincere passion and a multi million dollar collection developed from dedication, hard work and passion. Jeff has also spoken at “Star Wars Celebration”  (Orlando) which is the largest gathering of Star Wars fans in the United States. 


Meet Jeff Jacob.